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Leaving Greece

Eurorama Film Festival

Edition: 2016

Selected by the Festival: RAI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM 2015, Bristol, England


Year of production: 2013

Country of production: Germany

Production: HFF Munich

Country Documentary: Greece

Duration: 79'

Film: Color

Directed by: Anna Brass

Less well known is the fact that for a large percentage of all refugees, the Aegean is the gateway to Europe. So what does that mean for Greece? Every aspect of the Greek politic asylum system is overstrained. No one is allowed to remain in Greece, and yet, no one may leave. The authorities are harsh to those attempting to exit the country. The film tells the story of the three Afghan refugees: Hossein, Reza and Kaka. A film about friendship and the contradictory European refugee policy.

Video / Trailer


Date of the projection:
02/05/2016 5:15 pm

Location of the projection:
Cinema Multisala Modena (Viale S. Francesco D’Assisi, 6 – Trento)